Peter Wilkinson (pwilkinson) wrote in inter_action,
Peter Wilkinson

Hugo Awards and Web-published material

Do the current Hugo awards allow adequately for (some? most? all?) SF-related material published online? Do the criteria for (some? most? all?) existing awards need changing? Should there be permanent Web Site Hugos? Or some other adjustments to the rules? Or are things OK as they are (at least as regards Web-published materials)?

If you are interested in any of these questions, the business meeting at Interaction voted to set up a committee (with, ahem, me as Chair) to look at these and related questions and report back next August to L.A.con IV - and we would like more people to join in the discussions. So (unless you're a spambot or something very similar) please come to the Hugoweb Yahoo group and join up. Alternatively, send a blank email to hugoweb-subscribe at yahoogroups dot co dot uk.
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