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4-8 August 2005, Glasgow
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
People have started putting content up on - this is fantastic! Thanks very much guys and please keep going.

I shall yet again re-iterate that it really doesn't matter how (un)structured your content is right now - just put it up. And yes, I do promise to stop pottering about Europe every weekend and type up my own notes everntually.

But yeah, a great big thank you and keep going please!

Thursday, August 18th, 2005
For those who may have been too busy at the con to track items down, we will soon be providing mail order facilities for convention merchandise. This will hopefully include the regular con merchandise as seen at Sales to Members, the "Spaceport Glasgow" and "WSFS Armadillo" items as worn by some of the staff at the convention, a new line of mugs featuring the Jim Burns souvenir book art, the Jim Burns art prints and the remaining Limited Edition Souvenir Books. Details will be posted next week, when the shipping arrangements are finalised.
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3:54 pm
here is the bulk of my worldcon reports, including a podcast MP3 recording:
cory doctorow reading at worlcon
saturday at worlcon
friday at worldcon
thursday at worldcon

-got the last bits still to write and another couple of sound files to sort out.

Wednesday, August 17th, 2005
Once again my husband failed to take any pictures of me in my Hugo award escort outfit. I was the one in all white. Does anyone have any pictures they'd be willing to share?


Mary Kay
Well, I was just up at the Edinburgh Tattoo yesterday, and while wandering around the tourist trap (gift shop) in the big castle at the top of the hill I saw a white t-shirt with a very familiar picture on it. So, whoever you are that I was too shy to say hi to in person, hi... :)
While my ego was certainly stroked by all of the people who took photographs of me in my WSFS Armadillo captain's uniform, I realized (too late) that I never took any photos on my own camera! Obviously I was too busy trying getting ready for the planned launch of the Armadillo on Monday to think about such things.

[Of course, as the Space Pirates hijacked the ship and activated the hyperdrive at ground level, ruining the drive and welding the ship to the ground, I'm now facing a Board of Inquiry (to be held at NASFiC) so I'll be in uniform again there to face the panel, which I understand will include Colonel David Gallaher and Commodore Vincent Docherty.]

I've seen a few of the photos online of me, but feel uncomfortable using them without the owners' permissions. If any of you took a photo of me during Interaction and would be willing to let me have a copy (to possibly put in my profile, or give to cons who want a picture of me for their program book, etc.), contact me directly at kastandlee [at] Thank you!
I should probably have asked here before, but as anyone who was around Ops for any length of time on the Monday will be all too aware...

About 10 on the Sunday evening, just as I was arriving at the Hilton for the parties, I discovered I didn't have my reading glasses with me.

The glasses have brownish medium-thick rims and were in a hard dark blue (getting on for black) case with silver lettering.

I'd just come in on one of the buses...
before which I'd been wandering around the fan and filking areas of the Moat House for a few minutes...
before which I'd been at the Hugo ceremony, sitting in the gallery...
before which I'd been in the Moat House at a panel on collecting...
before which...
well, I'd been moving around much of the SECC, the Moat House etc. throughout the day.

They hadn't been handed into Ops or the SECC or the Moat House by the Monday evening but I had to stop chasing then as I was going home by the overnight sleeper to London.

But has anyone had news of them since? (Just to say that I have contacted the SECC since, and they don't have them)
The funniest comment I heard during Worldcon had to be one from Terry Pratchett. The panel was discussing censorship and a US book called Rainbow Party was mentioned. Someone on the panel explained to the ignorant of us in the audience that a rainbow party is an oral sex party in which the women wear different bright couloured lipsticks and then take it in turns to perform oral sex on the men, resulting in a rainbow effect on the men's members. An artist on the panel, whose name I can't remember, said this wouldn't work as the lipsticks would blend together to form a new colour. To which Terry P responded: "Not if they used masking tape." Quite a few men in the audience crossed their legs at this point.

Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
10:25 am- flickr tags
still writing up my write up of interaction.
got distracted last night by exploring the worldcon tag on flickr - pages and pages of photos of worldcon pictures - thought it might be of interest/distraction to others.
Hello again!

Just to remind you all of the Interaction Wiki at

Don't worry if your notes are a bit chaotic, right now we need any content we can get. We'll sort out structure and stuff later. So even if you just copy and past the con report from your LJ into the Wiki, please do it!

Go on. You know you want to!

Monday, August 15th, 2005

Sunday, August 14th, 2005
Mostly panel notes, typos and obscure Notes to Self.
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6:03 pm- Photos
I've made a post in my own LJ here, in which I link to some photos.
If there is a Louise reading this, please contact me as I've got something that you've lost that has been signed by a famous person.
My pictures (two pages worth) from Interaction (Worldcon) are now up on the web:

The masquerade pictures are on the second page.

Saturday, August 13th, 2005
Apparently, Woman's Hour on BBC R4 has an article on
constuming, and mentions Interaction.

73, doug

Thursday, August 11th, 2005
If any LJ User is in London and bed-less as a result of the British Airways strike, ring fjm and chilperic at 0199-285-0605.
pictures - i've uploaded my pictures to my flickr account, plan to post them on my LJ with my write up, but not tonight, so feel free to preview
8:30 pm- Con Wiki
I don't know about anyone else, but my main problem with the con was that I couldn't be in 3 or 4 or 5 places at a time. The way we solved this in our little group of 3 was that I sent off everyone to a different panel, and then we compared notes.

So, I thought, I wonder if I can do this on larger scale. rockus_at has kindly agreed to set up a Wiki on his server. You can find it at - there isn't much there yet because I'm still recovering from the con, but I was wondering if other people would be interested to put up their notes, con reports, summaries of panels, discussions and thoughts on it. Currently there isn't much structure, but I'm sure that will evolve by itself.

So yes, please do go and play, I'd be delighted to read what other people thought! :-)

Also, if anyone is feeling particularly creative, I think the Wiki could do with some nice CSS.
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There's a report of my visit to Interaction here.
Forry Ackerman is in Glasgow Royal Infirmary and would welcome visitors! He is resting comfortably and is expected to be released/able to travel on the 17th.

Local fans and anyone still exploring Glasgow after the con are welcome to visit him at ward 9 in the Royal Infirmary, (main building). I believe visiting hours are 2:30-3:30pm and 7:30-8:30pm and he can have up to three visitors at a time. Forry's helper, Joe Moe, can also be reached at GoJoeMoe AT aol DOT com and is staying at the Moat House Hotel.

As I understand the sequence of events, he arrived pre-con with his helpers, but had a minor accident when having a shower in his hotel room very late at night. He was taken into hospital, treated and discharged, but was called back in for observation and has been there ever since. Apparently his helpers hadn't mentioned it during the con, as they expected he would be well enough to attend and Forry didn't want anyone to become alarmed, but each day the medical staff recommended he stay in for observation (precautionary only). There were some rumours about it right at the end of the con, but by the time we got confirmation, the con was over.

Mark Meenan and I visited Forry in the hospital yesterday and took him some convention materials to read and let him see the 2005 Hugo Rocket. He was in good spirits and telling the nurses lots of his stories!

Forry would love visitors, so go if you can!


Hi guys, I've been keeping my eyes on the interaction lj for the last couple of days as I had to return home on sunday (sob.) I saw that a couple of people have given links to their own reports on their experience of Interaction Worldcon. While my experiences are not in the same league as some (remotepush has one hell of a lotta books) I felt compelled to give an account of my first ever Worldcon, and my first ever convention! Thank you to everyone who took part or helped out, I had a wonderful time.
You can find my account at:
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I have a few general comments in my blog, and should be adding more shortly.

I took something like 150 photos while in Scotland and am slowly getting them organized into "fan" and "travel" areas.

The one photo I have up so far is a Hugo photo.

I'm working very slowly because, as usual when I go to Europe, I get sick. I still have laryngitis and I'm still having some trouble hearing. But I had a great time and I'm very happy I finally got to a non-North American Worldcon!
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1:54 pm
i've started the coverage of worldcon on my LJ,, starting with the horrendous amount of books i bought while there. i'll be writing up more and posting photoes in the days ahead.