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How to Sell your Membership on Inter_action

Here is how to create an account, login to your journal, join Inter_action, and post your membership sale. All links open in new windows, so you can easily come back to this page.
  • An account is required to properly post a membership sale.
But first, read Transfer of Memberships to learn what you need to do to transfer your membership after it is sold.

Executive Summary:
  • Create account
  • Join Inter_action community (must be logged in)
  • Post sale message to inter_action (must be logged in)

1. Create a free LiveJournal account, if you don't already have one.
LiveJournal calls these accounts "Journals", but you don't have to ever use the "Journal" part. Also, you can delete the account at any time, say, after your membership sale is complete.)
Be sure to enter a vaild e-mail address, and to reply to the vaildation e-mail sent to you by LiveJournal! You must confirm your address to post to Inter_action!
2. Login to LiveJournal.
Important: You must login before proceeding to the next steps!
3. Join Interaction, if you have not already.
It doesn't hurt anything if you forget and Join more than once. You will get the rather terse response: "Error: you are already a member of this community." Don't take it personally! :)
4. Post your Sale offer.
The "Event" is just the text of your entry.
Make sure the "Journal to post in:" field reads "inter_action". If it does not, probably you are not logged in.
5. Click the Update Journal button. <-- IMPORTANT!
  • "Update Journal" means the same as "Save this entry"
6. Relax and wait for the replies to come in.
Unless you had disabled "e-mail notification" when creating your account, you will automatically get an e-mail at your confirmed address when someone replies to your posts!
7. Transfer your membership to the buyer.
Once the sale is complete, you must arrange with Interaction to transfer your membership to your buyer. Once again, read this page: All about Membership Transfers to learn what you need to do to transfer your membership.

How soon will my offer appear in the Membership Mart?
  • Messages are manually sorted into categories by me, at least daily, but usually more often. Your post should end up in the Membership Mart well before it drops out of sight on the main page!
How do I remove the offer when the sale is complete?
  • Please do NOT delete the message! When the sale is complete (or to widthdraw the offer), just post a reply to your own offer post saying that the sale is complete (or whatever)! Deleted messages get stuck in the Membership Mart list forever--a silly bug in LiveJournal. Periodically, I will sift through the offer posts and remove those marked as sold to the "SOLD" section.
Please reply to this message if you have difficulties, let me know what happened, and I or another moderator will try to help.

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