Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote in inter_action,
Kevin Standlee

Armadillo Merchandise Still Available

Merchandise with the WSFS Armadillo logo and other Spaceport Glasgow merchandise is still available for purchase through the Onboard Store at CafePress. If you saw the crew of the Armadillo wearing those WSFS shirts or wondered where to get the tote bag showing the (alas, since canceled due to events beyond our control) planned itinerary of the Armadillo's maiden voyage, here's where you can get your own copies.

Through February 3, CafePress is offering free shipping on orders of USD50 or more if you use coupon code VDAYSHIP. (Unfortunately, this offer is only good on purchases within the USA; shipping elsewhere will be charged at normal prices.)

In response to the question of "Who gets the profits from merchandise sales?", the answer is "Nobody, because there is no profit. The costs in the Armadillo Onboard Store have no markup; they are simply what CafePress charges us."
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